Thursday, 9 May 2019

Whats a community?

In class we have been discussing what a community means and what it is. Our teacher set us up in groups of three and we all made a google drawing explaining what we think a community is. Down below are the results that me and my group have put together, explaining what a community means to us.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Migration Model

In class we have been learning about migration and have been discussing some push and pull reasons for it. This migration model is about why people leave or migrate from their home country to another. For example, when most people or family's cant afford to pay for rent they move to another country so they can manage to survive. Down below I have created a migration model to describe some reasons why people may migrate.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Meeting with client

For a couple of weeks we have been designing different things to put on a wall. When we met up with our client - Mr Grundy - We laid out our work and he picked the thing he liked. while that was happening he realised most of our work wasn't simple, So he taught us the K-I-S-S saying, which stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid. He explained that if we were to paint on the wall, we would want it to be simple so we are able to paint. Instead of trying to paint flames or tiny designs. Finally before he went away he choose the designs that he liked. Which was the simple wood plane, and the font Ice cube.         

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Nathan and Oscar - Made in Taiwan

 Over the past two weeks we have been doing an activity called Made in Taiwan, we watched   videos and wrote down some notes about the video. In the video there were two guys named Nathan & Oscar who travelled around the islands to find out where there clan parents came from.  
The thing that really interested me about the video was how they were studying about the Lapita patterns and designs 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018

The tree

While walking through a forest I heard echoing of someone screaming. Immediately without thinking I start climbing a tree, But the higher I got the louder it was. I looked down searching for the unusual sound. I failed to find it until I felt twigs falling on my shoulder. Looking up I see a dead body hanging above me. My body filled with fear, was frozen. I couldn’t move, think and speak. I let go and fell all the way down landing on leaves and twigs. Taking my last breath I hear footsteps come closer behind me. 

BEEP BEEP BEEP. I banged the alarm and fell off my bed. I stare at the roof realizing it was all a dream. Sitting up, I look at the time. “Rangi time to get ready for school” yells my mum. “ Ok be out in a sec” I  yell back. As I reach out for my glasses I hear smashing from outside. I wriggle my glasses onto my nose and peek outside my bedroom window. At first I see nothing but my neighbour walking down the street, but then the unexpected happens. He begins walking into my driveway with his hand behind his back. 

I scream my heart out, trying to warn my parents of a intruder. But as hard as I yell, nothing comes out my mouth. My whole body froze as I hear the sounds of my parents screaming. I panic and hide in the closet, reach in my pocket and search for my phone. I then remember that I had left my phone on my bed. I cuddle myself hoping nothing bad will happen, hoping it was all a dream. Footsteps approach my bedroom, coming closer and closer. Louder and louder. The sounds of nails scratching the wall, make me lose hope. Looking up i see the door knob slowly twist. I take a breath and close my eyes. Facing head down I hear the door open “ Take me, I don’t care anymore, I understand why you’re doing this, I deserve it”. As i look up my face turns blank.

“Ahahaha you should’ve seen your face”. I wipe away my tears and punch Tj’s arms “You retard that wasn’t funny” I say “Your prank was worse what are you on about?!” yells Tj. I go quiet and just stand “Haha shame told ya i’d get you back”. “Wait how did …” “Honey you ok?” says a voice from the door I look to my side and see my mom and dad standing there, Laughing. “I get it, you want the pranking to stop, dont you?” They all start laughing and nod their heads.