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The tree

While walking through a forest I heard echoing of someone screaming. Immediately without thinking I start climbing a tree, But the higher I got the louder it was. I looked down searching for the unusual sound. I failed to find it until I felt twigs falling on my shoulder. Looking up I see a dead body hanging above me. My body filled with fear, was frozen. I couldn’t move, think and speak. I let go and fell all the way down landing on leaves and twigs. Taking my last breath I hear footsteps come closer behind me. 

BEEP BEEP BEEP. I banged the alarm and fell off my bed. I stare at the roof realizing it was all a dream. Sitting up, I look at the time. “Rangi time to get ready for school” yells my mum. “ Ok be out in a sec” I  yell back. As I reach out for my glasses I hear smashing from outside. I wriggle my glasses onto my nose and peek outside my bedroom window. At first I see nothing but my neighbour walking down the street, but then the unexpected happens. He begins walking into my driveway with his hand behind his back. 

I scream my heart out, trying to warn my parents of a intruder. But as hard as I yell, nothing comes out my mouth. My whole body froze as I hear the sounds of my parents screaming. I panic and hide in the closet, reach in my pocket and search for my phone. I then remember that I had left my phone on my bed. I cuddle myself hoping nothing bad will happen, hoping it was all a dream. Footsteps approach my bedroom, coming closer and closer. Louder and louder. The sounds of nails scratching the wall, make me lose hope. Looking up i see the door knob slowly twist. I take a breath and close my eyes. Facing head down I hear the door open “ Take me, I don’t care anymore, I understand why you’re doing this, I deserve it”. As i look up my face turns blank.

“Ahahaha you should’ve seen your face”. I wipe away my tears and punch Tj’s arms “You retard that wasn’t funny” I say “Your prank was worse what are you on about?!” yells Tj. I go quiet and just stand “Haha shame told ya i’d get you back”. “Wait how did …” “Honey you ok?” says a voice from the door I look to my side and see my mom and dad standing there, Laughing. “I get it, you want the pranking to stop, dont you?” They all start laughing and nod their heads.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Writing test - Colour code

S - Statement - YELLOW
E - Explanation - GREEN
E - Example - BLUE

Friends. You can trust them and know that they’ll always be there when you need them. Those types of friends are good friends they don’t tear you down or back stab you when chatting to other people. If you wanna have friends like that or be like that, then in the following paragraphs I will explain to you how to be a real friend.

One way is to listen, really listen. Listening is one of the best things you can give a friend. Listening demonstrates that you really care about what they’re talking about and in the future they’ll be able to trust you and share more with you. For example when a friend is weighed down by struggles such as material needs or a loss of a dead loved one, real friends truly listen to their struggles, and you’ll be showing them that you care about their situation and it shows them that they’re not alone.

You also need to cultivate forgiveness. With forgiveness you prove to your friend that everyone makes mistakes and that you can’t just hold a grudge forever. So when a friend says something without thinking a good friend will forgive them instead of holding a grudge and disliking them forever.

Good friends never use put downs in conversations or mocks people because of their looks, culture or about the way they talk. True friends care about what in the inside, your personality, humour and much more. Unlike fake friends real friends let you be yourself and dont judge you for being you. 

When being bullied or teased or laughed at, good friends are there for you. They support you in every way and make sure that your okay. They don’t just stand there and watch you get hurt they jump in and help you along the way. That’s a real friend.

That’s majority of the quality’s good friends have. These are the type of qualities nearly everyone wants and needs in a friend. So being a good friend contains listening, forgiveness, kind words and support. Thanks for reading     

Friday, 2 November 2018

How to be a good learner

Education is vital in most families. Education leads you to have a safe and happy life, But in order to have a safe and happy life you need to be a good learner. In the following paragraphs i will explain to you how you can be a good learner.

To be a good learner you need to pay attention. Paying attention requires focus and no mucking around. For example in order to get high marks on your report then you need to pay attention to your teacher so you understand whats going on. And paying attention can show the teacher and others that you really care about your grades.

But what if no matter how much you keep eye contact on your teacher you still need to ask questions if you don't fully understand. So paying attention isn’t the only thing you need to be a good learner, you also need to ask questions. So like when you get sent off the mat after the teacher explains and you still don’t understand then you need to go to the teacher and ask her in order to understand what she is teaching you.

Good learners need to attend to school everyday. Attendance is one of the important things you need to do. Attendance enables you to get  assignments done on time and at prize giving you’ll get awards for your attendance. 

Being prepared is all about being a good learner. So making sure you have everything ready for the following events coming up. For instance if you have a upcoming test or assignment you need to prepare for it and be ready, this is similar if you have a sports event coming up.

There you have it - 4 reasons as to be a good learner. Paying attention, Asking questions, Attendance and Being prepared. With all these qualities you can become a good learner and succeed in the future.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Man and sea

WALT: Test Ready, preparing myself with strategies to do my best in the upcoming tests    

Task description:
Our group has been reading the book 'Man and Sea' this story is about why Samoan's get traditional tattoos such as the pe'a.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Immersion assembly - term four

It’s the start of the term it’s time to find out what our study will be.  As usual our teacher’s are playing things down, keep things under wrap so we won’t know until our immersion assembly.   Immersion assemblies are the Pt England Way! Let me explain to you in the next 3 paragraphs why we love having immersion assemblies.

Being excited - eager to learn!  That’s us - that’s what the immersion assembly today has us feeling. Waiting there patiently for the assembly to start. New term, new topic a good start for this term. Art is the best way to finish my last year in intermediate before i head off to college

Like every immersion assembly, we’ve got a new topic for this term. Te wå toi, and our focus for this term is art. During the assembly Mr Jacobson and Mrs Nua were transforming our principle into …… Although i wasn’t that interested - At the time - Since it was the first day back at school i was feeling kinda tired and couldn’t really focus on the assembly.         

Each team presented something related to art and explained to the whole school what their team has to look forward to this term. Each one was kinda entertaining, although one did take a while to finish, but the ending results were quite good - even though they traced it. Team 3 didn’t quite understand art and instead they just had fun and put paint on themselves and painted the paper with their bodys.

There you have it - 3 reasons as to why we love having immersion assemblies to kick off every term of learning at Pt England School.  Maybe you could use my explanation to help you set up something similar in your learning